Sollas machines are ideal to package confectionaries, whether it concerns single biscuits, chewing gum blisters, or chocolate bars. Costumers expect that these products look good and that they are protected from external influences such as moisture and small pests. Our machines can package confectionary and chocolate as single products or bundles with either (bio)film or paper. If desired, Sollas can supply machines that can run with preprinted packaging materials for eg promotional packaging. Our machines are flexible and can be placed in several different configurations to fit your needs.

“Sollas can provide and integrate several modules to infeed, sort, tilt, rotate, stack, shrink, and casepack products to suit your needs. Both (preprinted) film and coated paper can be used.”

Key benefits

  • Excellent appearance
  • Product protection
  • Closed packaging (airtight)
  • Easy to open teartape
FSX series

FSX series

100% servo overwrapper. The ultimate machine.

SXP series

100% servo overwapper. Limited investment.

SX series

Efficiency and flexibility combined in one overwrapper.

XE series

Quality overwrapper. Flexible and versatile.

SE series

Quality overwrapper. Small investment.