Sollas is a supplier of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceuticals can be packaged by overwrapping or stretchbanding into either single products or bundles. A Sollas overwrapping machine ensures a great packaging that not only protects the product but also functions as a seal to guarantee the product has not been opened yet. Sollas stretchbanding machines are ideal to create bundles of products, which is common in the pharmaceutical industry. These bundles can be made by stacking, rotating or tilting of products, as desired. Important to consider is that all Sollas machines can be supplied with a track & trace system, which may be mandatory, and with the appropriate IQ and OQ qualifications.

“Sollas can provide and integrate several modules to infeed, sort, tilt, rotate, stack, shrink, and casepack products to suit your needs. Both (preprinted) film and coated paper can be used.”

Key benefits

  • Square or rectangular products
  • Create single products or bundles
  • Product protection
  • First-user guarantee 
SBS series

SBS series

The one filmreel stretchbander.

FSX series

FSX series

100% servo overwrapper. The ultimate machine.

SXP series

100% servo overwapper. Limited investment.

SX series

Efficiency and flexibility combined in one overwrapper.

XE series

Quality overwrapper. Flexible and versatile.

SE series

Quality overwrapper. Small investment.