In the perfume and cosmetics industry, Sollas overwrapping machines are the most widely used. We understand it is extremely important that these products appeal luxurious to costumers, and hence deserve the best packaging possible. That’s why Sollas machines deliver excellent packaging quality with a trailing edge seal to prevent luxury products from scratches and other damage, or with a spot-stripe side seal as desired. On top of that, all contact points of the machines can be lined with felt to prevent damage during the packaging process.

Changeovers are quick and easy with our machines. This is important in the perfume and cosmetics industry, since often a high number of different products are handled with a single machine. With our experience we can serve every interested buyer, supplying machines with manual infeed up to (semi)automatized packaging machines that can package up to 160 products per minute.

“Sollas can provide and integrate several modules to infeed, sort, tilt, rotate, stack, shrink, and casepack products to suit your needs. Both (preprinted) film and coated paper can be used.”

Key benefits

  • Excellent appearance
  • Product protection
  • Closed packaging (airtight)
  • Easy to open teartape

XE series

Quality overwrapper. Flexible and versatile.

SE series

Quality overwrapper. Small investment.

FSX series

FSX series

100% servo overwrapper. The ultimate machine.

SX series

Efficiency and flexibility combined in one overwrapper.

SXP series

100% servo overwapper. Limited investment.