Next to overwrapping machines and stretchbanders, Sollas also offers a diverse range of other systems to process products. These systems can be perfectly integrated to create a fully automated production process. For example, the Sollas STP can fold carton trays which subsequently can be filled by hand or with the Sollas SPP. The SPP uses a pick & place robot to automatically fill trays, which can then be bundled with one of several Sollas overwrapping machines. Lastly, the Sollas SLU can be used to label individual or bundled products. The information (promotional content, best-before date, track & trace, etc) on these labels can be preprinted, although information can also be on the label during the labeling process.

SPP Pick & Place

Entry-level Pick & Place robot to automate simple manual operations.

STP Tray Packer

Perfect solution to replace manual set-up of trays.

SLU Label Unit

Flexible label applicator.

Sollas Tray Wrap

Environmentally friendly and economical alternative to traditional transport packaging.