With Sollas machines, both packages and cans of tabacco as well as e-cigarettes and vape-cartridges can be overwrapped. This can be done for single products, but also with multiple products together to create a bundle. Overwrapping of tabacco products ensures that the flavor and aroma of the product remain unaltered until the consumer opens the product. It also protects the tax stamp, prevent scratches on the carton, and provides the user with first-user guarantee. In the tabacco industry, the rules and regulations continuously change. This requires creativity of producers. Sollas machines aid in this by providing flexibility regarding the way of packaging. Our machines can package products of a large size range and are easy changeable to package other products.

Tabak en E-sigaretten

“Sollas can provide and integrate several modules to infeed, sort, tilt, rotate, stack, shrink, and casepack products to suit your needs. Both (preprinted) film and coated paper can be used.”

Key benefits

  • Product protection
  • Excellent appearance
  • Gelled packaging (airtight)
  • Easy to open teartape
FSX series

FSX series

100% servo overwrapper. The ultimate machine.

SXP series

100% servo overwapper. Limited investment.

SX series

Efficiency and flexibility combined in one overwrapper.

XE series

Quality overwrapper. Flexible and versatile.

SE series

Quality overwrapper. Small investment.