Stretchbanding with just 1 film reel.

The Sollas SBX is a unique stretchbanding machine. In contrast to other machines, the SBS uses just a single foil reel instead of two. This enables the usage of printed film to wrap products. With a maximum output of 50 products per minute, the SBS is mostly used to bundle products with a PE band. Combined with a shrink tunnel (optional), it is possible to make a bulls-eye side seal.

Direct in lijn

Direct in line / Direct in line low infeed

Lijn rechts

In line with cross pusher from right hand side

Lijn links

In line with cross pusher from left hand side

Your benefits

  • Tight banding
  • Minimum use of change parts
  • Speed: up to 50/min
  • Large and flexible size range
  • Fully servo-driven, for minimal maintenance
  • Easy operation through HMI
  • Different infeed directions and bundle infeed systems possible

Top 2 features

Technical details

Processes: Polypropyleen, coated paper, recyclable BOPP en biodegradable BOPLA**
minimum product size (mm): L 50 W 40 H 16
maximum product size (mm): L 336 W 300 H 140
Maximum output:60*
Film width min/max:50 - 400 mm
Film-roll diameter max:350 mm

* Depending on product and packaging material. ** In general, all common heat-sealable packaging materials can be used. When in doubt, Sollas will gladly test any material that you which to use.



  • Perforation unit
  • Printmark registration
  • Several types of bundle infeed systems (tilting, stacking, rotating, and more)



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