A stretchbanding machine bundles products with a PE band to keep them together, which may be desired in the pharmaceutical, beauty/cosmetics, or food industry. The main advantage of stretchbanding is that a minimal amount of packaging material creates a tight and secure bundle.

Stretchbanding traditionally requires two film reels, one below and one above the bundle, which are sealed together. However, the Sollas SBS is unique as its the only machine in the world that uses just a single film reel. This is advantageous as it allows the use and exact positioning of preprinted films.

The main benefits of stretchbanding with the Sollas SBS are:

  • Minimal use of packaging material
  • Minimal use of change parts
  • Promotion possible on preprinted PE band
  • Optional perforation on PE band for easy opening
  • Flexible size range
  • Easy of operation
SBS series

SBS series

The one filmreel stretchbander.