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Where are Sollas machines made?

Both the headquarter and factory of Sollas are located in Wormer, a village close to Amsterdam in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.

To which countries does Sollas supply machines?

Sollas supplies machines worldwide, aided by our extensive worldwide network. In France, Germany and the United Kingdom we even have our own offices to offer optimal local support.

Does Sollas have an entry-level overwrapping machine?

The Sollas SE is a high-quality end-of-line overwrapping machine at an affordable price. With this machine, and original Sollas packaging machine can be added to your production process without concessions in quality, flexibility and reliability that Sollas is known for.

How many products can Sollas machines package per minute?

The speed of packaging depends on the product and the type of packaging material used, although there are maximum speeds that are mechanically restricted to prevent damage to the machines. The cam driven Sollas SE can package up to 40 products per minute, while our fastest machine, the Sollas FSX, can package up to 160 products per minute. The maximum speed for every machine is listed on the respective machine pages on this website.

What types of products can Sollas machines package?

Our standard overwrapping machines can package both rectangular and squared products and bundles. The maximal product sizes that each machine can process are listed on the respective machine pages on this website. Does your product have a deviating size or special form? Please contact us to discuss the options.

Can the same machine be used to package products with different sizes?

All Sollas machines are designed as such that they are adjustable. The so-called change-parts of our machines are product specific and can be changed during a product change. More expensive machines, such as the Sollas FSX, can be equipped with servo motors that can automatically perform a product change-over in less than 10 minutes. The maximum product sizes for each machine are listed on the respective machine pages on this website. Does your product have a deviating size or special form? Please contact us to discuss the options.

How much time does a size change take?

The time required for a size change depends on the product and the type of machine, but lasts between 10 and 40 minutes. A Sollas FSX with a fully automatic product change system can reach a change time of less than 10 minutes, but for machines with an adjustable folding street and without size parts this can take approximately 40 minutes.

Where does a set change parts consist of?

For our standard machines, the required change parts are: machine pusher, seal bar, hold-down plate, and folding knifes with tuckers. Depending on the product, special head seal parts may be required.

What wrapping materials are suitable to use with Sollas machines?

The wrapping materials that can be used are listed on the respective machine pages on this website. For questions regarding other packaging materials, please contact us.

Is it possible to wrap in paper?

Packing in paper is possible with Sollas overwrapping machines. However, the paper must consist of a coating.

What type of film can beest be used and from which brand?

Sollas overwrapping machines work best with BOPP film from Jundal or Innovia.

Can I use preprinted packaging material?

With our printmark registration unit it is possible to use and correctly position preprinted packaging materials. This unit can be fitted to all Sollas overwrapping and stretchbanding machines.

Can the packages be equipped with a tear tape for easy opening?

If desired, all Sollas overwrapping machines can be equipped with a system to apply tear tapes. With a tear tape, consumers can easily open the packaging. Tear tapes are available in different colors.

Which electrical current is required for the machines?

By default, all Sollas machines require 3x 400 Volt 50 Hz with neutral. For other currents the machine can be equipped with a build-in transformer.

How much air does the machine use?

Standard Sollas machines, without accessories, use 500 L air per minute at 6 bar.

Does Sollas lease machines?

Depending on availability, revised second-hand machines can be leased. Contact us to discuss the options.

What are the maintenance costs of a Sollas machine?

For the first two years, the maintenance of regular and wear parts will yearly be 2-3 percent of the newvalue. Possible mechanics costs are not included. After the first two years, maintenance costs depend on the use intensity. Contact us for more information.

Can I enter a service contract for machine maintenance?

In consultation with Sollas it is possible to enter a periodic maintenance contract for our machines. Contact us for more information.

How long does a Sollas machine last?

Under regular circumstances and when following the prescribed periodic maintenance, our machines last about 25 years.

Are Sollas machines available from stock?

All our machines are manufactured on demand. However, a part of our machines can be available on short notice. Contact us to discuss the options.