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Entry-level Pick & Place robot to automate simple manual operations.

Perfect solution to replace manual set-up of trays.

Flexible label applicator.

Your first step towards automatization and increasing efficiency

Tray former that reduces manual labor

labeling for security or luxurious appearance

Maximum output40*
Maximum output20*
Maximum output120*
Capable ofPick & Place
Capable ofTray forming
Capable ofLabeling
Min product size (mm)L 45
W 40
H 16
Min product size (mm)L 150
W 100
H 50
Min product size (mm)L 60
W 20
H 7
Max product size (mm)L 300
W 200
H 96
Max product size (mm)L 400
W 600
H 80
Max product size (mm)L 360
W 225
H 140
Control systemSiemens
Control systemSiemens
Control systemSiemens



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